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We apply a human-centred approach to inform innovation through purpose driven content.


Research & Insights​



We believe that the human story is a tool to inform innovation.


Using our curiosity about the truth experienced by real people in their daily lives, we work with our clients to create story-led ideas.


Our research-based projects take us on immersive learning journeys, supporting clients to better understand the needs of their customers, and inform meaningful solutions.


Through interviews and participatory workshops, we generate user insights, capture ideas, and encourage collaboration across diverse stakeholder groups.


Our final insight reports are concise, visual and accessible. Video can be produced as an additional deliverable.


Content Strategy​



We work with clients to understand why they do what they do, putting together a video content plan that tells stories of what matters to them the most. 


Through informed listening we are able to connect the dots and unearth meaningful stories to use in communication and marketing initiatives.


Film Production



We are a global network of passionate storytellers who film in some of the most challenging environments around the world.


With 18 years of experience in producing documentary content, online commercials and brand films, we identify opportunities, unlock ideas, and tackle complex social challenges.


For us, the human story lies at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about telling stories that matter.

Our Global Network




Our strength is our network. We are all connected. We are all HUMAN.

Based out of Cape Town, South Africa, our network has become our resource.


We work with local navigators across the world to build bridges that connect people and ideas.


We understand that it takes a global network of thinking partners, collaborators and allies to achieve real change and co-create a better world – inclusive of everyone’s story.


There is a difference between repeating what we are told are our stories and re-discovering our own. If we understand the conditions that are conducive to creating safe spaces, we allow people to really take a moment to re-connect with themselves, amidst an often very noisy world, to really hear their own ever-changing story, to be embodied and present in their own voice, and to trust enough to share that truth with you. Those are the stories that can influence change.


Anne-Marie Hanna - Founder

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